Agoraphobic dating

Panic disorder can be a difficult anxiety disorder to deal with but can be managed through treatment.

You can be a part of the solution by helping your partner cope with panic disorder.

I preferred my experiences with nature to be within walking distance of a tapas restaurant or the John Hancock Center. The difference three years makes, however, is that I’m starting to see the beauty. After the noise (including the incessant whining of one very high-strung border collie) died down and the rain puttered out, I took a look out our front window and my breath caught in my throat. Skies like this don’t happen very often between apartment buildings.

I finally appreciate the beauty of this rural wilderness. With skies this big, it’s impossible not to feel closer to heaven.

Even though not every person with panic disorder experiences the condition in the exact same way, there are certain characteristics that are common among panic disorder sufferers.

For instance, most people with panic disorder will encounter feelings of fear and anxiety and may be participating in some form of treatment to manage symptoms.

Believe it or not, I haven’t always found the country beautiful.

The wide open spaces of this place used to make me feel twinges of agoraphobia (the opposite of claustrophobic). I still remember my first few drives out to Smalltown to visit the Dairy Man when we were dating. While DM marveled at a beautiful starry sky, I couldn’t stop looking around for streetlights.

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It may take some time to build trust before the person your are dating feels comfortable in going into details about what it is like to be living with an anxiety disorder.

The nearest Starbucks is 45 minutes away, but I wouldn't trade this life.

If you are considering dating someone with panic disorder, you may have some concerns about his or her health and what it means for your relationship.

Knowing more about their condition can allow you to gain a clearer perspective of what your partner is experiencing.

Additionally, your knowledge and understanding may lessen the strain that panic disorder may have on your relationship.

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