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L5 said he was given a share of money which was recovered from the glove box of Schwab's car.

When officers returned to Kununurra, some bought pink Argyle diamonds from a jeweller's shop.

In NSW, at least 17 people had convictions quashed following admissions of tainted evidence at the Wood royal commission into police corruption.

NSW Legal Aid Commission director of criminal law Doug Humphries said yesterday that a further three appeals were still in process and the commission was confident they would result in convictions being quashed.

He even admitted sharing cash taken from a murder suspect who had been shot dead by the police tactical response group.

He also confessed to making a hoax bomb threat to the offices of construction giant Multiplex and chairman John Roberts' home.

"I wanted to be accepted and I went along with it," he said. Now I know I was pressured into it." L5 said he had assaulted suspects 20 to 50 times.

We are told there are those in favour of same-sex marriage, and then there are the bigots.L5 and colleagues at Scarborough CIB were then paid an hour by Mr Roberts for private security work.In more than five hours in the witness box, L5 rattled off dates, cases, incidents and name after name of allegedly corrupt police as he went through his career from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s."What is more disturbing is the fact that this gang affiliate estimate is drawn only from the country's larger gangs – such as the Mongrel Mob, Black Power and Nomads – there are many more criminal gangs operating around New Zealand.As it is, New Zealand's largest gang, the Mongrel Mob, almost outnumbers police on its own." The lack of police resources could be seen in the "huge explosion" of the street drug methamphetamine, with the number of manufacture operations detected by police having grown 300 per cent in the past year alone, she said.

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