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Finding Eva had been the best thing he had ever done.Cruel women were comparatively rare and they usually tended to be among the less attractive of their kind, perhaps finding some form of jealous retribution when they turned to cruelty towards other women.And Murdoch had really got to almost shoot the German lady to get her to cut off the girl's breasts and push them inside a hip to hip slash across the belly…..!His video film of the whole thing but with all signs of reluctance on the Dominatrix's part carefully removed meant that she would never reveal that she had performed murder at Murdoch's behest.I don't allow them to rest once I've started" the tall woman smiled.Through the slits in the leather mask, Sir Murdoch Fines could see the ice blue eyes shining with pleasure.aria screamed,and the man who was working three fingers of his left hand round and round in her sore vulva grinned appreciatively at the masked woman who was carefully inserting the barbed fish hooks into Maria's nipples.

Unlike the so-called dominatrix ladies Murdoch had previously hired, Eva wanted blood.

Unfortunately for you, my pleasure will be watching your body squirm and writhe in ever increasing pain. Sexual pleasure for us in causing excrutiating pain for you.

Of course, you will eventually cheat us of our pleasure by simply dying, unable to take any more of the damage we will be inflicting on your body….especially the sexy bits like these…" and he viciously chopped his hand upwards into the jutting swell of Maria's breasts, laughing as they bounced wildly, drops of blood splashing his chest……"But you will have been begging us to kill you long before that happens.

A body as pretty as yours can provide hours of fun for a good sadist." "You….you're going to kill me ?

" the pretty teenager gasped, still unable to believe that such a thing could happen despite already having been turned from an almost virginal innocent into a sluttish sex-whore more depraved in actions than many a hardened prostitute. She leant forward and ran her tongue around both fish-hooked nipples, careful to avoid the protruding stainless points, tasting the iron-salt tang of fresh blood. Much as I would love to do something really naughty to these soft titties, I'm afraid the boss wants me to take my time with you, so this will be quite a pleasant little introduction to your new life of pain.

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