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While injecting EBGP Peer-facing Point-to-Point IP addresses into IGP protocol is a viable workaround, it is recommended to use Next-Hop Self instead to simplify configuration and avoid security issues.

Route-Reflectors must not change Next-Hop attribute for routers that are being reflected.

If you decide to adopt this approach, it is paramount to configure EBGP-facing interface as IGP Passive, otherwise you risk merging IGP domains with your EBGP peer.

In simple terms, you might end up creating one huge OSPF area that will span across multiple networks under different administrative controls – disaster in the making.

Next-Hop IP is a mandatory attribute and as such present in all IP Prefix advertisements.

Failure to resolve Next-Hop will cause BGP routes to be rejected.

Only the primary label is forwarded while all others are dropped.

Multiple interfaces can receive packets using the same label.

Basically, Next-Hop forces the router to do a recursive lookup in order to determine which egress interface should be used to send the packets out. Router’s BGP table is populated with BGP routes and associated Next-Hop attributes.Display the route entries in a particular routing route table bgp.l2.vpnshow route table bgp.l3vpn.0show route table bgp.l3vpn.0 detailshow route table bgp.rtarget.0 (When Proxy BGP Route Target Filtering Is Configured)show route table 0show route table 0show route table inet.0show route table inet.3show route table inet.3 protocol ospfshow route table inet6.0show route table inet6.3show route table inetflow detail show route table lsdist.0 extensiveshow route table l2circuit.0show route table mplsshow route table mpls extensiveshow route table mpls.0show route table mpls.0 detail (PTX Series)show route table mpls.0 ccc ge-0/0/1.1004 detailshow route table mpls.0 protocol evpnshow route table mpls.0 protocol ospfshow route table mpls.0 extensive (PTX Series)show route table mpls.0 (RSVP Route—Transit LSP)show route table vpls_1 detailshow route table vpn-ashow route table 0show route table VPN-A detailshow route table 0show route table VPN_blue.mvpn-inet6.0show route table vrf10 extensiveshow route table inetflow detail show route table 0 extensive |no-more (EVPN)Table 1 describes the output fields for the Next-to-the-last-hop routing device for MPLS only) Depth of the MPLS label stack, where the label-popping operation is needed to remove one or more labels from the top of the stack.A pair of routes is displayed, because the pop operation is performed only when the stack depth is two or more labels.(IS-IS only).Data packets are received from both the primary path and the secondary paths.The redundant packets are discarded at topology merge points due to the RPF checks.

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