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Talk about closing the stable door after the horses (in our case four of them, a son and three daughters) have bolted. Back in the day, when all four of our children were draining the National Grid daily with phones, computers, hair straighteners, Xboxes and TVs often left on 24 hours a day — that’s when he should have been on the wattage warpath.

Now it is just the two of us, and our bills are relatively modest and steady at around £800 a year.

He tells me how much energy we have used, what it has cost and how he believes ‘we’ (read: me) can do better the next day to trim costs.

It doesn’t help that he is out of the house most of the day at work, using their precious electricity, so any energy consumption between the hours of 9am and 5pm is all down to me.

As well as wanting his boxers hand-washed, Joe recommended I peg out wet clothes, towels and bedding on the washing line, and step away from the tumble dryer.He had never once grumbled about money and we have never argued about it.He rarely does any banking and when he did last try to call customer services, he failed his own security check. Because then the smart meter arrived and Joe became a power preacher.He didn’t even give them a first glance, and happily left checking, paying and filing them to me.Joe was also the least cash- conscious, most generous man I had ever met.

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