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You might alienate as many people as you excite, so from a publisher’s perspective, revealing too much about another public figure doesn’t always make sense.” Except in those circumstances when it somehow does.In 1986, former wannabe actress Pamela Des Barres published her kiss and tell groupie memoir, , convinced there would be much public interest in her revealing the sexual peccadilloes of Seventies rock icons like Robert Plant and Jim Morrison. “I never met anyone who wrote a kiss and tell for the money if only because no one ever knows whether their book will actually make any!

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“We’ve always been drawn to the dark things in people’s lives,” he says. “Ultimately you have to wonder whether that kind of information works in the book’s favour.

” Des Barres argues, when we speak on the phone from her home in Venice Beach, California.

“I wrote mine simply because I had a story to tell.” By her own admission, Des Barres, now 68, says that she has been “milking” its success ever since, penning subsequent memoirs, and teaching people how to write kiss and tells of their own (one of her students is currently working on a Michael Jackson expose).

“I just wanted to paint an honest portrait of Lou at a crucial stage of his career,” she says.

And Faber’s Lee Brackstone confirms that, even if she has revealed Reed’s multiple dysfunctions, his legend will endure largely because rockstar reputations are made of stern stuff.

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